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Our Process

Advantiv Ag’s 5 step process…

is a holistic approach, refined over the years to ensure that our clients and partners receive valuable guidance through the technology review process. From there we will assist in decision making through implementation. The end result is a tailored solution that is custom fit for your business.



Taking a holistic, systems perspective, we evaluate your agricultural operations for the best opportunities to maximize ROI from the latest technologies and energy solutions.

  • We start by exploring your priorities, timelines and financial parameters for upgrading your operations.
  • We spend the time and effort needed on-site to understand your current operation.
  • Together, we agree on a technology/energy “roadmap” which looks out over a number of years.
  • Based on your budget and priorities, we can consider options for creative financing, performance-based payments, phased implementations, and project scope adjustments.
  • We develop a project proposal for the immediate work (Phase 1 of the roadmap).


We seek the best component technologies and energy offerings, vetting the products as well as the companies which make them.

  • We constantly update our knowledge of the best companies and products.
  • Having worked at, purchased from, partnered with and deeply assessed a diverse array of technology and energy companies, we are uniquely qualified to vet companies and their products based on factors such as financial situation, company culture, future stability, design philosophy, product upgradeability, operational maturity, quality assurance, product support infrastructure, and customer-focused mindset.
  • Constantly aware of optimizing the total solution rather than just the individual parts, we select the best building blocks.


Holistic solutions that are practical and enduring must be architected so that components are well-integrated, yet sufficiently flexible/modular to enable future upgrades and replacements.

  • Integration priorities and trade-offs are driven from the users’ perspectives.
  • We strive to build a total solution that best leverages the strengths of its component technologies.
  • Our ultimate goal is to develop the most practical system solution with the best ROI. Every step in the process, every decision, is driven by this overarching goal.


Every agricultural operation is unique and often in flux. We design solutions which take into account the need to tailor for initial conditions, as well as when operational needs change.

  • This is one of the areas where diligence in the prior steps (evaluating operational parameters, selecting component technologies, thoughtfully architecting the overall integrated solution) pays off. The ability to tailor and/or upgrade the solution to unique and changing needs cannot be an afterthought.
  • Over the long run, the ability to tailor and upgrade not only saves time and money but brings the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have an enduring solution in place. While smart phones and consumer gadgets are becoming “disposable”, agricultural technology must be built to last.


Ensuring reliable operation in harsh, outdoor environments requires rugged systems design and experienced installation, all backed by responsive field support.

  • We focus special attention on networking and communications, which has complex and nuanced challenges, especially in rural environments.
  • Our long track record of excellence in customer support with our traditional customer base speaks for itself. Advantiv’s greatest asset is our trusted relationships, and we are committed to continuously growing that asset with our agricultural customers and partners.